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Chicken Slaughtering Line- Chilling

Item No.: IFA-MCN790167
Min. Order: 1 Piece

This machine is mainly used for chilling the poultry carcass instantly after they have been slaughtered. The poultry carcass will have a refreshing color and luster after being chilling. Onr or more sets of such machine may be used simultaneously according to the output 

Time of pre-cooling: 30~45min

Stainless steel made screw blade with diameter of 1900mm

Stainless steel tumble of propellor with diameter of 320mm, and thickness of 3mm

Stainless steel reinforcement rib and end cover with thickness of 10mm

Stainless steel made machine body

Pushing motor with power of 0.75kw

Power of the motor for the reducer for pushing out chicken: 0.75kw

Adjustable speed of pushing out

Whirlpool wind blower with power of 5.5kw

Chilling medium: cold water or flake ice

Ice-making machine not included

Chilling temperature: 0-4℃