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Duck/goose Slaughtering Line-Plucking

Item No.: IFA-REB750340
Min. Order: 1 Piece

duck/goose slaughtering line- plucking and defeathering area

Mainly used for de-featering chicken, duck and geese. Each box can be adjusted up nad down, forward and backward, with convenient operation and repair 

Stainless steel plucking cabinet with thickness of 3mm

Stainless steel supporting leg with dimension of 100×100×3mm

4 Stainless steel plucking boxes

Each box can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward

Each box is angle adjustable

10 nylon plucking discs for each box

12 pieces of plucking fingers for each plucking disc

Power: 4*2.2kw

Two lines of water proof plastic curtain