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Duck/Goose Slaughtering Line- Pre-scalding

Item No.: IFA-XMP816627
Min. Order: 1 Piece

duck/goose slaughtering line- pre-scalding area

Used for pre-scalding the duck and geese after they killed. It makes the feather in a mess and get wet for scalding afterward. It has a good effect and plays an important roles in slaughtering

Effective length: 2m

Pre-scalding temperature: 58-60℃

Stainless steel 304 made supporting legs and machine body

Stainless steel 304 made water tank

High pressure water pump with power of 4kw

Stainless steel 304 made net tumble with power of 0.37kw

Stainless steel 304 made tank with thickness of 2.5mm

Water recyclable

Auto temperature controlled