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Duck/Goose Slaughtering Line- Scalding

Item No.: IFA-NSX609447
Min. Order: 1 Piece

duck/goose slaughtering line- scalding area

It adopts steam or electricity heating way, several vertical pumps spraying water in circulation, good effect, low power consumption, automatic control pf water and temperature

Enclosed with a cover

Stainless steel made machine body and cover

Effective length of scalding: 10m

Automatic control of water supply

Automatic control of temperature

Wind blower with power of 5.5kw

Diameter of water inlet pipe: 60mm

Diameter of steam inlet pipe: 50mm

Thickness of stainless steel 304 made main body with thickness of 3mm

Thickness of the stainless steel 304 made cover:δ1.5mm ;