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a. Nanjing Changxun Machinery Co., Ltd (party A) is responsible for the installation and adjustment of the slaughter equipment in contract. However adjustments will be allowed if they are meant to improve efficiency and performance of the Equipment and must be agreed with Party B..

b. Party A is responsible for (party B) staff training.

c. Party A is responsible for the electricity connection between machine and control panel.

d. Party B is responsible for connecting electricity to control panel, steam to scalder and water to machine.

e. Party B has to finish the construction of the slaughterhouse according to the layout of slaughterhouse before installation. Construction includes set up of drainage, girder, and reservation entrance and makes the floor smooth.

f. Party B is responsible for getting installation tools ready before installation.

g. Party B is responsible for hiring four workers to help install. One welder, one electrician and two labor force.

i. Party B is responsible for payment of air ticket, accommodation and visa for one Engineer to carry out equipment installation.

j. Party A should be responsible for all costs including own Engineers travel expenses and equipment parts which need changed equipment parts (exclude spare parts)for failure of equipment, other than due to incorrect use by Party B, in the first 12 months of equipment installation. But if machine failure arises due to incorrect use, Party B will be responsible for payment of all costs such as for one Engineers Air ticket, Accommodation and Transport and food including spare parts.


A. Technique documents:

a). The diagram of slaughterhouse layout, the diagram of doorway, the diagram of the waste water way, electrical, water supply and drainage.

b). Embedded parts list will be provided within 15 days after signing contract. Embedded parts are listed separately with installation materials and forms part of the contract.

c). Operating manual will be made in English and will be provided with equipment.

B. Quality assurance

a). We guarantee that all the equipment we supply is newly manufactured.

b). We guarantee that the equipment we supply meet drawing and technical requirements.

They will work stably, continually, and achieve the set efficiency

c). All the equipment is enjoy 12 months of guarantee start from date of shipment base on 8 working hours per day and 6 working days per week except the regularly replace spare parts. Without CHANGXUN permission, buyer can't change any structure of CHANGXUN equipment, if client changes anything without confirmation, CHANGXUN don't responsible for any problem and no fixed guarantee period.